Indira Nursing

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Indira College of Nursing Policies

Indira College of Nursing Policies

In Indira College of Nursing, policies are essential guidelines and rules that govern the conduct, responsibilities, and expectations of students, faculty, and staff. These policies are designed to create a structured and conducive learning environment, ensure safety, and maintain professional standards. While specific policies may vary among institutions, we follow some common policies.


  • Grading system: Describes how student performance is assessed and graded.
  • Attendance: Outlines expectations regarding attendance, tardiness, and consequences for non-compliance.
  • Academic integrity: Defines expectations for ethical behavior, plagiarism, and consequences for academic dishonesty.
  • Progression and graduation requirements: Outlines the criteria for advancing through the program and graduating.


  • Clinical placement: Describes procedures for assigning students to clinical sites and expectations for behavior during clinical rotations.
  • Dress code: Specifies the required uniform and appearance standards for clinical settings.
  • Clinical supervision: Outlines the responsibilities of clinical instructors and the level of supervision provided to students.


  • Code of conduct: Defines expectations for professional behavior, respecting peers, faculty, and patients.
  • Ethical standards: Emphasizes adherence to ethical principles in patient care, research, and interactions with colleagues.


  • Infection control: Describes protocols for preventing and managing infections in clinical and classroom settings.
  • Immunization requirements: Outlines mandatory vaccinations and health screenings for students.
  • Safety protocols: Provides guidelines for handling medical equipment, administering medications, and responding to emergencies.


  • Email and communication: Establishes expectations for professional communication between students, faculty, and staff.
  • Use of technology in education: Outlines policies regarding the use of electronic devices, online resources, and educational technology.


  • Admission criteria: Specifies the requirements for entry into the nursing program.
  • Transfer and withdrawal policies: Describes the process for transferring into or out of the program.