Indira Nursing

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Nursing Program Policies


Faculty and Staff Policies

Faculty Qualifications: Outlines the qualifications and expectations for faculty members.

Grievance Procedures: Describes the process for addressing concerns or disputes between students, faculty, and staff.

Facility and Resource Usage

Library and Resource Center: Describes policies for accessing and using library resources.

Laboratory Usage: Outlines guidelines for the use of simulation labs and other learning facilities.

It's important for students to familiarize themselves with these policies and adhere to them throughout their time in the nursing program. Additionally, nursing colleges often update their policies to reflect changes in healthcare practices, educational standards, and institutional requirements.

Leave Policy

Scope: All regular employees including Trainees with effect from March 01, 2023.

All employees are eligible for casual leave (CL)-12 days
Apart from Earned leave (EL), employees will also provide CL for urgent and unforeseen circumstances.
Every employee on completion of 1year of service is eligible for earned leave. It is not exceeding 12 days per calendar year.
Every employee will be provided leave on sick grounds not exceeding 6 days sick leave in a calendar year.

Permission Policy:

To enable all the staff to understand and follow the laid down procedure on obtaining permission to leave the place of duty on personal work.
Every employee is allowed a 10 minutes grace time as per his shift for late coming in a day.


Biometric is mandatory for attendance maintenance and payroll process. If anyone is failing to punch in the biometric, they should produce the proper supporting documents.